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Coffee table ~ Jeanne

Coffee table ~ Jeanne

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Discover this exceptional coffee table, created from Solid surface, a natural and recyclable mineral material, symbol of our ecological commitment. 🌿

Made in France # Bordeaux , this unique piece embodies the ethics of the short circuit, thus promoting our local economy while reducing our carbon footprint.
Aware of our responsibility towards the environment, we chose this material not only for its refined aesthetics and exceptional robustness, but also for its ability to be restored with a single hand, thus extending its lifespan .

By opting for our solid surface coffee table, you are investing in an elegant and durable piece, while contributing to the preservation of our planet, because with us, elegance is combined with eco-responsibility .
  • Livraison express offerte
  • Fabrication Française
  • Produit éco-responsable
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